Super Tigre Jett Stream Muffler and Red-Jett Carbs

Improved Performance For Your
Big Super Tigre

Our famous
Red-Jett Carburetors
are now available for

Over the past two years we have received several special request orders to build carburetors for the larger SuperTigre engines. These ST owners were unsatisfied with midrange performance and throttle response provided by the stock assembly.

Our response was to develop a carburator which offers superior performance to the stock assembly. Our customers have been extremely satisfied with the results, and JETT is now pleased to offer these replacement carburetors as featured JETT accessory.

As shown in the photos above, Jett now also offers our famous Jett-Stream muffler for use with the ST2300. The assembly comes complete with a precision machined mounting adapter, and bolts directly to your engine.

Jett-Stream muffler - ST2300


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Red-Jett replacement carbs are supplied with the Jett
Universal Remote Needle Valve Assembly
Red-Jett replacement carb - ST2300


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Red-Jett replacement carb - ST3000


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Red-Jett replacement carb - ST3250


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Example Performance Data
All tests done using APC props and Powermaster ST fuel

Jett-Stream Muffler Data - ST-2300

Prop Size (APC)

Stock Muffler

Jett-Stream Muffler

Turbo-Jett In-Cowl

16 x 8




Example Applications

ST2300 with Jett-Stream
P-51 VooDoo

"Outstanding performance, reliability, and throttle response"


Carl Goldberg
Ultimate Bipe

ST2300 with
Jett-Stream Muffler

Fuel is 5% nitro and 20% oil with 1/4 castor

"The ST2300 with a stock muffler will turn a APC 16x8 at 9,400 rpm, 16 pounds of thrust.
The ST2300 with a Jett Stream will turn a APC 16x8 at 9,900 rpm, 21-22 pounds of thrust.
Not a lot of rpm increase but what a difference in thrust!
I like to let the motor rev up and with the 8 pitch prop it really moves out with authority"

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